Saturday, 15 March 2014

First Week: congratulations to our winners!

We suffered technical problems and could not watch documentaries in the first week.  In their place, we watched The Simpsons.
Last week, thirteen students watched 'The Simpsons', six answered all the questions correctly and one name was randomly chosen from those six.
Congratulations go to: S. Hyeon Hwa!
You will receive an email and phone call from Brian Sunday evening.  Please go to the English Cafe and tell the counter staff your full name and student number to collect your 5,000 won gift certificate!

Games got off to a slow start but seven students played games with English professors and four won gift certificates
Congratulations to: K. Na-yeon, L. Hye-min, A. Ji-young
and C. Yeon-ju!

The poster series is titled 'Study Tips' and you can view and answer questions for one more week before the series changes.  Remember, the prize for the poster series is Ten thousand won!

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