Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dongseo English Cafe First Hike Event

I may have planned too long a hike.  Perhaps some were scared away.  For the four of us, it was a lot of fun, with some sore knees at the end.

Here we are at the start, only a few minutes from Dongseo U - seen in the background.
 We hiked around the first peak, then down near the Kudeok Tunnel.  Then we hiked nearly straight up.  Things were a haze as we rested at the water spring. Okay, my camera lens was a little sweaty.
 After some steep climbing, we reached an alpine meadow.  I sang The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music but no one was impressed.
 On the meadow, we found someone to take a picture for us so I finally appear in the frame.

 At a pavillion overlooking EumGung-Dong

And, Eum-gung-dong.

Near the final peak.
 We were tired at the final peak and very grateful for the Ice-cream man!

Here was our route.
As a middle-aged guy, I had no trouble keeping up on the climb and the level portions but we were all hurting on the descents.  My poor knees!  I had always known that Dongseo University was built on a steep mountain but now I no longer feel special - Donga University also required a large vertical climb of its students.

This was fun and we had great weather.  Now, I only wish that we had more than two students.  Thanks, Danny May, for joining us - I will keep the student's names private.

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